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Bills Scored in 2017

AB 5 Property Assessed Clean Energy

Assembly Bill 5 allowed for property assessed clean energy for commercial buildings, which allows financing for energy efficiency or renewable energy upgrades to stay with ...


Assembly: 34 Yes, 8 No Senate: 21 Yes, 0 No

AB 50 Protecting Drinking Water

Assembly Bill 50 revises provisions relating to the imposition of certain fees, civil penalties and administrative fines by the State Environmental Commission. This bill allows ...


Assembly: 31 Yes, 11 No Senate: 19 Yes, 1 No, 1 Excused

AB 159 Prohibiting Hydraulic Fracturing

Assembly Bill 159 would have repealed the state’s regulatory process for obtaining a hydraulic fracturing (fracking) permit and prohibited any fracking within the state. The ...


Assembly: 26 Yes, 15 No, 1 Excused

AB 206 More Renewable Energy for Nevada

Assembly Bill 206, in its original form, would have required that 50% of all electricity produced in Nevada would come from renewable sources like solar, ...


Assembly: 30 Yes, 12 No Senate: 12 Yes, 9 No

AB 277 Protect our National Conservation Areas

Assembly Bill 277 as amended would have changed zoning laws so that rural areas adjacent to National Conservation Areas like Red Rock Canyon, Sloan Canyon, ...


Assembly: 30 Yes, 12 No Senate: 14 Yes, 7 No

AB 379 Funding for Parks & Recreation

Assembly Bill 379 creates a funding mechanism through a special district for parks, trails and open space. Over the last ten years, municipal and county ...


Assembly: 34 Yes, 8 No Senate: 13 Yes, 7 No, 1 Excused

AB 385 Every Kid in a Park

Assembly Bill 385 requires the Division of State Parks to issue, without charge, an annual pass for state parks and recreational areas to each 5th ...


Assembly: 42 Yes, 0 No Senate: 21 Yes, 0 No

AB 405 Restoring Rooftop Solar

Assembly Bill 405 restores rooftop solar in Nevada, allowing people to once again utilize local solar to reduce pollution and their electricity bills. This bill ...


Assembly: 38 Yes, 2 No, 2 Excused Senate: 21 Yes, 0 No

AJR 10 Opposition to Yucca Mountain

Assembly Joint Resolution 10 opposes the development of Yucca Mountain as a repository for spent nuclear fuel and other high-level radioactive waste. The resolution calls ...


Assembly: 32 Yes, 6 No, 4 Excused Senate: 19 Yes, 2 No

AJR 13 Celebrating Nevada's National Monuments

Assembly Joint Resolution 13 expresses support for the enactment and use of the Antiquities Act and the designation of the Basin and Range National Monument ...


Assembly: 27 Yes, 15 No Senate: 12 Yes, 9 No

SB 145 Incentives for New Technologies

Senate Bill 145 establishes as part of the Solar Energy Systems Incentive Program a program for the payment of incentives for the installation of certain ...


Assembly: 36 Yes, 5 No, 1 Excused Senate: 20 Yes, 1 No

SB 150 Promoting Energy Conservation

Senate Bill 150 as amended requires the Public Utilities Commission of Nevada to establish energy savings goals for investor-owned utilities to help customers save energy ...


Assembly: 34 Yes, 5 No, 3 Excused Senate: 21 Yes, 0 No

SB 167 School Gardens

Senate Bill 167 makes an appropriation for more than $600,000 for the creation and maintenance of school gardens. Grants are limited to $10,000 during the ...


Assembly: 37 Yes, 5 No Senate: 16 Yes, 5 No

SB 204 Planning for Energy Storage

Senate Bill 204 requires the Public Utilities Commission of Nevada to investigate whether it should require utility companies to have energy storage targets. Storage is ...


Assembly: 39 Yes, 2 No, 1 Excused Senate: 21 Yes, 0 No

SB 392 Community Solar Gardens

Senate Bill 392 authorized the creation of community solar gardens, which would allow friends and neighbors to join together on a shared solar array to ...


Assembly: 30 Yes, 12 No Senate: 17 Yes, 4 No

SB 413 Public Lands Day

Senate Bill 413 establishes the last Saturday of September as Public Lands Day to celebrate Nevada’s beautiful publicly-owned natural landscapes. SB 413 authorizes the Governor ...


Assembly: 33 Yes, 6 No, 3 Excused Senate: 18 Yes, 3 No

SB 512 Funding for Lake Tahoe

SB 512 removes the fee schedule for the use of state lands (primarily piers and buoys) and allows for the Division of State Lands to ...


Assembly: 33 Yes, 8 No, 1 Excused Senate: 16 Yes, 5 No

SJR 13 Funding for Nevada's Wildlife

Senate Joint Resolution 13 expresses support for Congress to allocate $1.3 billion in existing revenue each year into conserving and managing wildlife. The money would ...


Assembly: 28 Yes, 13 No, 1 Excused Senate: 21 Yes, 0 No