Welcome to the 2013 Conservation Scorecard for the Nevada Legislature.

On behalf of the Nevada Conservation League Board of Directors, we are pleased to present to you Nevada’s 2013 Conservation Scorecard for the 77th Session of the Nevada Legislature.  This scorecard is a non-partisan, objective document detailing how each legislator voted on important conservation issues.  The 2013 session was one of the best in history for environmental issues, and that fact is reflected in the scores.  Our state continues to face many challenges in the near future, but one bright spot is the way in which legislators from all backgrounds placed a high priority on the protection of our air, land, water and wildlife.

In an effort to conserve natural resources, the 2013 Conservation Scorecard is exclusively online this year.

We hope you will share and discuss the Conservation Scorecard with your friends and neighbors, and we want you to contact your representatives and let them know that their record on protecting OUR environment is important to YOU.